Monday, February 06, 2006


With anti-Semitism and Islam phobia on the increase is it not time that we put these outdated over zealous and fanatically defended religions behind us? And yes I do include all other forms of religion, with maybe the exception of Buddhism, for did not Mr.G.W. Bush go to war with the blessing of his God?

The belief in a Higher Being may all have been the foundation of civilisation but they are now so threadbare that it may be time we changed our clothing. What about a return to worship of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars – all of which we now know so much more about. With them we are nothing and we have much to thank them for; with Religion we make excuses for our bad deeds and commit sins beyond my comprehension.

A topic that no doubt needs expanding upon, but hopefully like all Races and Creeds this drivel of mine may one day gel together to make sense.


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