Sunday, June 21, 2009

No more pain

Sunday 21st June

This is Alice Paul's daughter, I'm afraid to say my Dad passed away last Tuesday evening after a long struggle with Cancer.

We are going to keep his Blog open for a while for any comments or if you want to contact us.

This will be the last entry for 'old enough to moan'.

Rest in peace Dad x

Thanks Alice for starting this off. I promised Paul I would enter his last blog but am finding it even harder than I ever imagined. Paul you are loved so much and are sadly missed. Our beautiful daughters are keeping me going and knowing that you are no longer in pain helps a little.

Love always Zoe

Thursday, June 11, 2009

11 June 2009 – Oncology appointment

We met with the Oncology Doctor today and it is more of the same for a while, three more chemotherapy sessions over the next three weeks following by a short break, two weeks this time.

We requested a two week break if possible in order to get away for another holiday, this time doing Bed and Breakfasts from home to Scotland and back. We are keeping fingers crossed that I once again improve on chemotherapy and have no set-backs.span>


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10 June 2009 – Not feeling too grand

I feel as if I am being made to suffer today as suffer I have indeed. Upon waking this morning, having slept throughout the night for the first time in so long I cannot recall how long since the last full nights rest, I realised I had not taken last night’s tablets. Add to the lack of medication the fact that I have been overdoing it and the combination leaves me extremely tired and weak, so much so that I was in tears first thing through pain, mental anguish and general lethargy.

I have since come around a little today and thankfully we managed to put off phoning the hospital through general concern.

Although I have a day off chemotherapy this week I am not feeling any of the benefits as I am unable to leave the settee really being too weak to walk far without pain or being short of breath.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Update 9 June 2009 - Excellent break

We had a fantastic weekend away from home on the Norfolk Broads where the weather was much nicer to us than that predicted by the experts so we managed to stay dry for most of it. Unfortunately I did get wet and cold standing around waiting for a taxi to take us to a Public House for Sunday lunch and I never warmed through for the rest of the day and felt very poorly later. Added to that I had to drive all the way home [3 hours] the following day as my partner was ill the night before we left having eaten something that disagreed with her.

Other than that we had a brilliant time and everyone enjoyed themselves and it is definitely something I would recommend, but not in the high season as it would be packed and then there are the boats full of lads on Stag nights! A Stag is OK if you are female, young and on the pull, not so good if you are moored up to one for the night, which thankfully we managed to avoid. [The trick to avoid mooring next to one is to moor on the opposite bank to the pubs!]

No chemo this week but I do have my Macmillan nurse coming today and I will have to tell her about the pains I am now experiencing in my back as a result of yesterdays drive home. I was unable to stand upright first thing this morning but I am able to rest better now that I have got some medication in my system.