Saturday, May 17, 2008

Be back soon

Unfortunately I have been unable to get online due to sharing a power cable between two laptops and not being on top form with health at the moment [both temporary setbacks], however when you compare those problems with those suffered by those in China and Burma [The World should do more to condemn the inactiveness of the Burmese Junta] I do not really have a lot to complain about right now.

I will be back online again soon and hope to catch-up on moan therapy then.

But whilst I am online I can afford a little moan on minor league Royals, Princess Anne's son Peter Phillips who today married management consultant Autumn Kelly at Windsor Castle, selling their story to Hello! Magazine. I have never purchase the magazine and this is just another example of why, because who really gives a shite?

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Football madness

I can only describe the behaviour of the so-called fans at the Glasgow Rangers football match in Manchester last night as despicable. Regardless of why or how it started it should never be permitted for narrow minded idiots to pick up whatever items they find at hand and throw them as projectiles at the authorities who are there to protect the safety of those present and to ensure that a great sporting event runs successfully. Although it would’ve been good to see Rangers beat Zenit St Petersburg it would’ve been even better if the minority of people involved in the scuffles had not spoiled it for the rest of us who live in this country by making a debacle of the event.
It is not acceptable for this type of mindless violence to spill out onto the streets that belong to and are paid for via the tax’s we pay.
This is yet another day that I cannot say I am proud to be British.
BBC news - CCTV footage

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Pastures new, temporarily

It has been very remiss of me to neglect the blog for a little while but I have been busy planting out and preparing for the growing season as we have been given half share an ‘allotment’ for this year to grow our own vegetables.

We are currently on a waiting list that will entitle us to an allotment of our own that we intend sharing 50/50 with a friend of ours for next year.

Having had a modicum of success in our own garden in 2007 we have now branched out and become a little more adventurous.

I will no doubt find plenty to moan about when the crops fail or when slugs invade my cabbage patch, but in the meantime I intend making the most of the good weather and the laptop will have to suffer for a day or two more.