Monday, May 12, 2008

Pastures new, temporarily

It has been very remiss of me to neglect the blog for a little while but I have been busy planting out and preparing for the growing season as we have been given half share an ‘allotment’ for this year to grow our own vegetables.

We are currently on a waiting list that will entitle us to an allotment of our own that we intend sharing 50/50 with a friend of ours for next year.

Having had a modicum of success in our own garden in 2007 we have now branched out and become a little more adventurous.

I will no doubt find plenty to moan about when the crops fail or when slugs invade my cabbage patch, but in the meantime I intend making the most of the good weather and the laptop will have to suffer for a day or two more.


At 6:38 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

i finally got my squash, okra, tomatoes, cantalopes and eggplants out..want to do my lettuce,cuces,carrots, onions and the rest this coming weekend..if i get one veggie i will be thrilled..

At 10:02 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

We not only have our own produce to look forward to but also that of all the other growers who always produce far more than their own needs require and freely pass excess on to one another. Good luck with your veggies YDG.


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