Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is this me?

Because I have nothing much to say, the following is nothing much when all said and done, so don’t expect the usual ramblings bemoaning politicians or religion, I have been to busy getting on with, well not a lot.

What is it about me over the last few days that has made me more lethargic that normal and a little less het up about stuff?
Even when my new care broke down I was not fazed by it, not yet at any rate; mind you I will not be able to sort anything out until office hours tomorrow morning.

I can only surmise that the prescribed tablets I am taking are beginning to affect my well being and I never even knew I had a well being!

But whilst I am being well…

I won my opening game of bowls on the first day of the new season today [21-6], the team also won, which gets us off to a good start for the Sunday league. I hope I can do as well for my other team whom I shall be playing for on a Wednesday and Saturday evening.

I purchased a Toy Story Woody for my three year old daughter, who loves the film having had 1 and 2 bought for her birthday, just a Buzz Lightyear to get for her now, good old ebay eh?

My mother has been with us all weekend and she had hogged the TV watching the US Masters [what a chocolate box setting Augusta is]. I believe the winner is set to win £675,000, it would take me another 20+ years or more to earn that amount of money; that is 35,526 Woody’s!

I also have to admit to enjoying the golf for some strange reason, I am not normally a fan.

I have not nagged my sister to come and visit us whilst our mother is with us, despite the fact that my sister lives no more than four miles away she rarely breaks her routine for anyone or anything, it would interfere too much with her time spent with her husband down the pub; they have no children.

I have been exceptionally nice to my step daughter, not that I am usually that unpleasant with her it’s just that I treat her like I am her Dad and tend to get onto her to stop moping about the house feeling sorry for herself, the usual teenage thing. [Only she is 21 this year, but still liable to lapses of teenage angst]

Tomorrow I am due to see my GP, I will have to tell him these tablets are not agreeing with me at all.



At 2:33 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

hope the pills get adjusted for watching golf..that's funny..I actually watched the last 30 minutes...wanted tiger to win, but he missed out..
ok..what is a game of bowls? that like america's bowling with the big black ball and ten pins?...
35,526 woody's...hmm, do you know in america we call getting a hard on is known as getting a woody?...snort*giggle


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