Monday, April 07, 2008

A Red hot issue - 2008 Olympic torch

What a complete charade the carrying of the ‘Olympic’ torch is and has nothing to do with sport itself. Its progression through London was nothing more than a complete debacle.

As I saw the coverage of the event towards the end the torch’s journey through London I couldn’t help wondering who was paying for the security measures that were more than evident, at times there were so many police officers in yellow hi-vis jackets that it was hard to see the person carrying the baton.

Without politics we would not have had an ancient Olympics let alone a modern one, which also owes so much to the world stage of politics for its reintroduction and continued use today.

The torch carrying through other countries prior to the games commencing was something Nazi Germany began as part of their propaganda campaign prior to the Olympic games of 1936, so there was no politic intent there then!

By accepting the games China has put itself in the spotlight and should expect the type of scrutiny it is now receiving of its human rights record and policy towards Tibet.

People are once again questioning whether sport and politics should mix, that is like asking if a football match should take place without a referee.

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At 6:08 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

i'd like to take that torch and shove it up china's ass..
i have given it a lot of though and i am boycotting the olympics...i think every country should..but the u.s. won't as we're afraid they would call in all the loans and this country would go belly up..thanks to george fucking bush...
i love watching the olympics..a it every 4 years rain or shine..but not this time...fuck me a bunch of chinese..

At 9:34 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

I agree with you about China YDG, the world is frit on them, no one more so than the US and UK governments due to the political fallout and money involved etc.
But for me sport is sport at the end of the day and although I dont agree with all the hype and propaganda athletes they should be allowed to compete, aka Jessie Owens.


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