Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hello girls

It was late last night when I was looking to either move away from blogger or to change my template when I committed a cardinal sin when I failed to make a back-up of my site, as a result I lost some of the amendments I had made to my original blog, such as my blogroll and a list of books I had read, hence the lack of information down the right hand margin.

I am forever telling my girls [that is my daughters, I do not own a harem or run a model agency or such like, I fantasize now] to back up files, to save and save again whenever they are creating on the PC.

A huge bonus to the day though is waking up this morning and discovering that I have two comments to a posting, well three actually but one from the same person, so I am more than happy to welcome bedrockgirl Tina to the site, whom I discovered via yellowdog granny’s site, naturally.

Hello ladies.

I will be updating the missing elements of my site soon and you will both be sited in the blogroll, in the meantime I will drop into your sites for a browse and post to my own later.
I am for the first time in a while taking my partner out for lunch today, my eldest daughter who is still off work for the Easter break, is taking our youngest out for the day and we will be able to have some time to ourselves again. The only trouble with being alone without having our soon to be three year old is not having nothing to say to each other, which we do, but how naked we will feel when the little one is not with us for the day.

We will be losing her to nursery school soon and I have no idea how we will cope with that, but having three other grown-up daughters between us you would’ve thought we would be used to it by now.
Despite the presence of ladies, but mainly because of the template change, my text is going to be pretty 'Blue' from now on!



At 1:49 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

tina is a good one...
ahh, it's wonderful having daughters, granddaughters...i really love my girls...

At 10:00 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Without daughters we would not have mothers, without mothers we would not have sons....

...I have never wanted a son, primarily because I was one once so I know what they are like!

At 6:13 am , Blogger Tina said...

thank you :) have a lovely day


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