Sunday, March 16, 2008

Great big melting pot.

Today I read about so called ‘water-wars’ that most of you environmentalists with be pretty savvy to. No sooner have Countries gone to war to secure oil supplies and for long standing diplomatic disputes it now appears that glaciers are in decline and as a result the rivers they produce will also begin to disappear, leaving millions without fresh water supplies. These volatile environmental essential giants are situated, or at least supply further down stream, water to the some of the most hostile of nations in Asia.

Before the shortage there will be more water than most can accommodate as wide scale flooding in Countries such as China.

If you think we are safe in Europe, North America, South America and Africa then think again, the apparently the only Glaciers that continue to rise are those in Scandinavia.

The continuing ignorance most of us show towards preventing global warming will only hasten the environmental and politic catastrophes now being predicted.

I do not know what the long term answer is but I do believe we as guardians of this planet will, like an ant colony, eventually out grow ourselves beyond the point of sustainability. The fate of the human race will depend entirely upon just how tired this wonderful Earth has become with us.
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On a much smaller scale I will be investing in a water butt for the garden shed, inspired by my neighbour’s pipes and water container collecting from his greenhouse, to water the small vegetable patch I begun last year and intend to continue with again this year. I will eventually get around to posting a picture or two of the vegetables we are able to grow for ourselves on such a small piece of earth, I wish I had more of it.

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At 10:59 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

there are places in texas that if they don't get some rain and a lot of it..the water that is used for the towns will dry up and so will the's really scary...we got pretty low here last year...but got rain and a lot of it and saved doing a garden this year too...scary..

At 9:39 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Gosh, it is scarier than I thought!

Good luck with the garden, the produce will be better than anything sold in the shops!

You never know, you may strike oil as you are digging - if you do may I stake the first claim to being your biggest fan?


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