Saturday, March 08, 2008

Monster [of a] debate

I watched Samantha Power, foreign advisor to Barack Obama, being interviewed on British TV one day last week and thought what a fresh faced and articulate young lady se was. Although it was obvious that she, hence Obama, had no real logistical plan for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq she did manage to answer questions relating to this topic quite well, without actually answering them. This can be frustrating for the electorate but it does bode well for a spokesperson for a future Presidential hopeful when put on the spot.

Now I don’t condone a politician or advisor for batting questions sideways, but when they sometimes speak the truth in a language that the electorate understands why do we then expect them to resign or retract what they have said even after an apology has been made?

If, in the heat of the moment or in a throw away statement, Senator Hilary Clinton is described as being a Monster why are we and the media as horrified as we appear to be?

I do not think that anyone believes her to be a green-eyed-furry-baby-eating kind of monster, we probably do not expect her to be the type of greedy, self obsessed monster that would sent its army into places like Iraq without a plan that goes any further than ‘winning’ the war.

You can be a ‘Monster’ of a politician, meaning bigger and better than anyone else, you could also be described as being a monster because you have already embarked on a course of knocking the other candidate within your own party, leaving the opposition, Republicans, to march onwards relatively unscathed [for now].

The Democratic party in the US are in a unique position in as much that they are about to provide either a Black or a Woman president, provided they stop all the public displays of dirty campaign bickering.

If the Democrats do not go all the way to the White House they have missed out on a Monster opportunity.

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At 2:36 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

sigh*...just when you think they may start acting like reasonable adults..they start squabbling like children..they are in full cover your ass mode over here in the obama camp...i hate to see him start fighting dirty..but if she's going to keep bringing up his religion, and showing pictures of him in a turbin, being called a monster is the least of her moral center is the biggest among them...

At 8:06 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Politicians in the UK agreed a code of conduct whereby dishing the dirt on one another was considered bad form and therefore agreed to cease with such practices, however just like the politicians they all are they invariably renege on these promises during any televised debate. This is usually to the determent of any serious discussion surrounding key issues that voters may be interested in.


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