Monday, February 25, 2008

See no

Following this report on the BBC news site I am quite disturbed by a religion and a country that can hijack and ban the use of an internet site that is monitored for unsuitable material by its owners and is acceptable in most of the Countries of this World. I often wonder what it is people are afraid of or are trying to hide if they cannot accept that others will have differing opinions to those held by them selves. I am not advocating outright religious or racial abuse but I defend the right to free speech and open debate.

Surely the way to prevent material from being viewed on a website is to apply through the proper channels and indicate certain materials from being inappropriate?

With the banning of some internet search engines in China we now this latest hijack of YouTube in Pakistan due to the apparent offence its content may cause offence to Islam. Who is it that makes these decisions? Is it the ruling authority, a dangerous move if it is, or is it religious leaders? The latter would be even more disconcerting.

In the UK we are sometimes over zealous in our attempts to defend the human-rights of the individual yet we can watch Countries deny the human rights of their own peoples, or even encourage the continued abuse of citizens by others in taking part in sporting events such as the Olympics.

If I am condemned to any ones idea of unearthly hell because of my beliefs than I can accept that for I believe that a far worse form of hell can be found on this earth without looking too far for any of us, especially if we continue to treat people and act like 'The Three Wise Monkeys’.

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