Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We have an ex Prime Minister who was forever telling the nation he took difficult decisions because he thought them to be right and that he was a man who led us to believe he stood by his convictions and was a man of principal. It now transpires that he was also far too aware of his political position to realise that any mention of his religious beliefs may have led to him being classed as a ‘nutter’. In betraying his own Christian faith by neatly hiding it whilst in his position of power is further proof that he never was a man to be trusted. Where was the transparency he promised whilst in office?
As an agnostic I still recognise the traditions, such as those associated with Christmas, can bring to our secular society. Although the festive season has been hijacked by the Global economy, as the father of a large extended family, I would defend the traditions that go with it, since Christmas is an ancient tradition hijacked by religion. The two are now so intertwined that I am glad MP Mark Pritchard has the conviction to stand up for his corner and say enough is enough, at least we know where he religious loyalty lays, unlike the loyalty shown by Mr Blair towards his Christian beliefs that were relegated to for his own personal advancement.


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