Thursday, November 29, 2007

The name game

It is only a name for Christ’s sake, get over it!
How can it be deemed an offence to name a
toy Muhammad if you are a non-believer, and even then it is still open to interpretation depending on how much of a zealot you happen to be.
I cannot believe that something as simple, yes simple, as this can stir up so much panic and hatred amongst a civilised people when on their own doorsteps women are still being treated as second class citizens; sold into prostitution, raped and even taken to court just for speaking to a man in some Muslim countries.
It comes to something when people are willing to defend a name, that any self respecting bear would be indeed honoured to receive [unless he is not religious of course] yet they are unwilling to help women seek an education or position of power within their own country.
What are these people really scared of?


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