Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't get me started

The New Year gets off to a predictable start, what with continued problems in Pakistan, Iraq and, thanks to the US, Iran.
The Indian cricket board/team continue to attempt to cheat their way to success using bullying tactics; England appoint a new national football coach despite originally not wanting to rush into any hasty decisions [in reality, if they waited any longer then they would have no one to take up the position].
The US democrats are spoilt for choice of candidate, a woman or a black guy, let’s hope one of them wins.
The British labour party look set to opt for more Nuclear power stations to combat climate change, despite it being the wrong choice. It would be more prudent to conserve and reduce the energy we use and look into the alternative renewable alternatives. We will continue to berate other countries for wanting Nuclear energy of their own, especially in the developing world.
Tony Blair joins a US banking company on a reported £500,000 per annum, to provide advice on global politics and trends; will he squander their money on a phoney war like he has ours?
Personal details continue to be mislaid or lost in the post on disc, unless you are TV presenter TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has lost money after publishing his own bank details in his newspaper column. He revealed his account numbers after rubbishing the furore over the loss of 25 million people's personal details on two computer discs. Jeremy, you really do appear to be as conceited as you come across on TV.


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