Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wheat crops, food drops

A contributory factor in pushing up the price of Wheat is the rush for farmland to increase the production of crops for bio-energy, [especially in the US]. It is ironic that, for as long as I can remember, we still struggle to feed the World’s poor, especially in Africa, whilst the threat of dwindling energy to fuel our cars, TVs, Games consoles etc galvanizes us into action.

The race to produce these bio-energy crops is ill-thought out and lead primarily once again by people out to make a fast buck.

What sort of society are we if we allow our governments to procrastinate over the need to both nourish and supply proper medical assistance to the needy. The Bush administration in the US has at least tried to make inroads into this field and must be congratulated for doing so [whatever you think of the man himself], but we can still do more for all the right reasons and continue to increase aid year upon year.

As the Chinese economy continues to pull itself ever quicker out of poverty and demand the same high quality products and food stuffs as the western world we must ensure that in doing so we do not create the reverse elsewhere by not apportioning crops throughout the world markets.


Our household continues to try to use less energy and make changes to our own lives in order to help our aging planet. One of the next changes for me has to be a serious rethink of where my political leanings take me.

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