Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earth moving

I was scarred out of bed last night by the biggest earthquake tremor in 25 years in the UK; I personally cannot remember a bigger one. We sleep in our converted loft and I thought the roof was about to collapse in on us. Although only lasting 5-6 six seconds it was enough to remind me of how powerful this earth really is and how superstitions and religions easily arise or claim these tremors to be forebodings of Gods wrath.

If we do not look after this planet more we can expect to hear much more from her, not in the form of tremors because they will occur whatever we do to her.

And, just because some may just believe it, let us say that it is a warning from Mother nature to look after the planet more than we do and whilst we are at it care for each other a little more.


I was taken out and treated to a meal last night by two friends and colleagues from work for no other reason than they knew that I needed to get out for an evening as I had not been anywhere since last October when I began a term of illness from work.

They asked for nothing more from the night than to have a pleasant evening, which we did, and we neither expected anything from each other, other than a good time.

Who am I trying to kid, they are probably having an affair and I am a good excuse for them to be out together. [That is not true but it beats the hell out of me telling you I had a nice meal with friends].

Still, at least with the earth tremor the earth moved for all of us in one way or another.


I have just purchased a book by an ex-policeman, Paul Browning, turned author [I use the term lightly] entitled ‘The Good Guys Wear Blue’, and after reading the first two pages I was convinced it must have been written by a 15 year old school boy as an essay for his mock exams. I don’t expect the prose to improve for the next 300 plus pages but it is set in my home town of Coventry UK so I will stick with it, the book not the City [I moved away, not too far, 28 years ago].
If its content lives up to expectations, which must improve pretty quickly into the book for me, then I am hoping I will not be totally disappointed.

I will let you know if it turns out to be earth shattering stuff.

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