Thursday, March 13, 2008

MPs claims could prove expensive

I cannot wait to read back dated expense claims for MPs going back to 2004 as is being predicted.

Under the freedom of information act I believe that everyone who claims expenses should have the details of their claims made public. I would love to see the people I work with who claim expenses as a matter of course trying to cover their tracks for some of the claims they have submitted and how much money they have earned in doing so.

I have heard of people who earn nearly as much as their annual salary just by carrying a company mobile phone around with them outside of their regular working hours. I have also heard that the same mobile phone is probably used once or twice in a month.

If MPs are going to be forced into having their claims made subject then it should be good enough for everyone else.

What have I claimed in expenses? Nothing I am ashamed to have made public.

Here is a link to just some of the items MPs are already permitted to make claims for their second home in London from a list known as the ‘John Lewis List’.

Items include the following:

Bed - £1,000.00
Scandalous, you can get a bed decent bed to sleep in for less than £500
Bedside cabinet - £100.00
Ikea do some really nice ones for a fraction of the price
Dishwasher - £375.00
How much cooking will an MP do in his second home? Very little with all the meals they have on expenses
Food mixer - £200.00
Watch ebay for a influx of food mixer, unused
Freestanding mirror - £300.00
Have you seen how some MPs dress? They never look in a mirror
Recordable DVD - £270.00
So they can watch themselves on Newsnight
Rugs (each) - £300.00
To roll around on with their secretary
Shredder - £50.00
To hide all their dodgy expense receipts and hotel bills

If MPs wages go up as a result of them eventually no longer submitting claims then it just goes to prove that what they are doing is wrong.

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