Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Eostre

If Easter is the oldest and most important Christian Festival, the coming to life of Jesus after death, then why is it not celebrated as much as Christmas?
Probably because the established Winter festivals were hijacked by the Christians who could not account for the whereabouts of their religious leader throughout his formative, and probably spotty and sullen teenage, years.

Oh, and before Christians condemn me to a living hell may I remind you that they also besieged a pagan festival, from the English word Eostre, which is a time for celebrating new beginnings with the coming of the easter bunny [hare] from the festival surrounding the Goddess Eostre.

I was told by a Christian when I was growing up that Easter eggs represented the rolling away of the stone in front of the tomb in which Jesus lay, nothing to do with the origins of Eostre when celebrations centered on the painting for bird eggs.

I prefer the Pagans view that the egg represents the cycle of seasons with the yolk and egg white representing the Sun and the Maiden Goddess respectively.

Whatever your beliefs, may I wish you a Happy Eostre.
[If any of the above can be proved factually incorrect then please do not hesitate to point it out, however no Easter, Esotre or Pesach [Passover] celebration can claim to be either]

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At 5:14 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

them theiving christians hijacked all our pagan holidays...but i got the day off at work so 'thank you jesus'...

At 11:25 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

He died on the cross so we could get a day off work? A pity extreme but I like it.


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