Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

From a personal view point I don’t have too much to complain or moan about right now, oh alright I do but there is no point of going over old ground. Talking of old ground our neighbour today offered to fill our fish pond, which we have been emptying, with rubble and earth he was due to throw into a skip he had hired to clear his garden. With the aid of his father-in-law he not only helped take out the lining from our pond but also threw all their rubble and earth as requested into our now empty pond. My partner helped them with the earth moving and within the hour our now defunct pond was nearly full to the brim.

We have had frosted relations with our neighbour at times but today we saw a completely different side to him as he went out of his way to assist with our pond task. He did end up claiming the lining to the pond for use in his own garden for laying down a base for a wooded bark play area. My partner had agreed his taking of the lining without realising how useful it would’ve been for our own purposes of re-landscaping the area once occupied by the fast disappearing pond, however the pond is as full as we could have hoped for just for the price of asking for someone else’s rubbish.

Taking of rubbish, I shudder to think how much waste and cardboard will be generated this weekend when all the Easter eggs are removed from their boxes. I’d noticed that the local supermarket had got on sale Easter eggs that did not sit in a box at all, unfortunately they were not moving off the shelves in great quantities, unless they were and I was just not there to witness the restocking of shelves.
We have, for our part, purchased larger bars of chocolate for our girls mainly due to them being so much older now but also from a value for money viewpoint; the lack of packaging is also a big bonus.

Another bonus for me today is in believing that today is Saturday and not Friday, therefore psychologically I have gained a day, and today really is a good Friday.

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At 4:20 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

yeah, im always suspicious of people who aren't known for doing nice things when they start doing nice things..there is always a catch...

At 11:25 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

I am nearly always nice, but the neighbours either side of us cannot handle nice.

...still, it was a relatively good Friday as I did not have to get dirty!


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