Monday, March 24, 2008

A return to Christianity, until Christmas that is.

In an Easter speech the Bishop of Lichfield has said there was "a kind of longing in the air for a return to real Christianity".

"With a new financial crisis in our nation, the bubble of borrowing on the never never collapsing, people are coming to their senses," he added.

"The brave new secular world where everyone is meant to have choices has proved unworkable without values that come from somewhere."

The "financial crisis" was encouraging more Christians to go back to religion, the Rt Rev Jonathan Gledhill said

So, it would appear that the more fickle in our society, the poor sods that do not have the common sense not to borrow too much money, are now turning back to religion for guidance, and perhaps a few prayers asking for a lotto win.

Question: How long will those returning to the church have to wait for their prayers to be answered?

Answer: Until this coming Christmas then they realise that God is not going to play Santa and will not be delivering their kids their Nintendos and Xboxes.

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At 2:18 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

religion is just mother natures way of keeping people in line..

At 2:56 am , Blogger Tina said...

hello :) thanks for stopping by the 'ol site. I look forward to reading your blog as well!

At 2:57 am , Blogger Tina said...

p.s. this is tina from :)


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