Sunday, March 23, 2008

Religious voice, not in my name

Whist Gordon Brown faces a revolt over the embryo bill I think other questions should be asked in addition to those already raised concerning the ethics or otherwise of stem cell research.
Every voter in this country should look at their Member of Parliament and question their ability to represent them on the grounds of their Religious beliefs.
I believe there should be a free vote on all issues and especially this one and not because the head of the Catholic church in England believes there should be one 'because Catholics and others will want to vote according to their consciences', or because the likes of Ruth Kelly threatens to resign.
Tony Blair was too scared to declare his religious leanings because he feared he would be classed as a crank, he probably achieved that without much effort, but now that he has gone the religious voice is raising its head more and more.
I shall not be voting Labour [new] in any future elections whilst those who were afraid to speak out against the war in Iraq are not more than willing to speak out on religious grounds on other issues.
Where was the religious vote on the run up to war?

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At 12:22 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

everytime a republican tells me they want to vote for a good christian with their values i always ask them:
"And how'd that work for you?"

At 12:49 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

I love your posts Granny, I would be lonely on her without you, but shouldn't you be getting some sleep?

The thing is with any religious zealot they are quick to take the moral high ground and always start from the premise that they are 'good', making me the baddie!

Hell, I am as good as the next man without adopting a religious stance.


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