Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Close the door, the flood gates are open

I find it totally unbelievable that a House of Lords committee have suggested there should be a cap on immigration levels in the UK.

The unbelievable part is the fact that there isn’t one already.

The report, according to the BBC, also hints at the government being able to modify the rights of people to follow relatives who have settled in the UK “if the government chose to do so”

Why should the rights of people who wish to follow relatives to this country be any different to the rights of any other wishing to apply for citizenship in the UK?

The report is calling for a cap on Non-European immigration but why stop there?

If we were the size of the US you could hide one or two thousand immigrants quite easily perhaps but in my small hometown I can already walk through the market place and with every few yards walk readily notice the influx of immigrants from the ‘new’ Europe.

Great Britain may have a big ego but we are not exactly overrun with space right now as we build yet more and more houses for the people already living here and those not yet born. The more houses we build the worse flooding will become as flood plains are built upon, the more immigrants we allow in the more houses will be required....can you see a pattern emerging here?

I totally agree with any findings that dismiss the suggestion that we need immigrants due to labour shortages. I am not altogether happy with taking expertise such as nurses and doctors from countries that have shortages of skills themselves therefore we need to train more professionals and retain them with wages and working hours that befit their status. Just look at how we treat our MPs compared to nurses and doctors, second homes and furniture paid for? As for taking unskilled labour to work in sweatshops or strawberry picking farms well that is just nonsense.
We already have a work force more than capable of picking strawberries, you can see most of them sitting outside pubs on a sunny day drinking ale whilst holding onto the lease of their banned [breed] dogs.

I am not against immigration or refugees and I am indeed not a racist in its true sense, and I would class myself as being pretty liberal in many ways, although perhaps my views on my blog my suggest otherwise, but I do get angry with the how out of touch government are with the views of the people it represents on issues such as this.



At 5:29 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

illegal alien example in small texas town...lady with 2 small kids come in...she needs puppy food, collar, bowls, etc for the new puppy...through my little spanish and her no english we got most of it and answered most of her questions relayed by her 6 year old son..but i never did get to explain to her what a 1/4 of a cup of dog food was..and i see this hispanic guy at the register and ask him to help....he cant speak english either..finally said fuck it..let them figure it out...just one example of dealing with illegals with no english...they can't make change so they pay every thing with a $20 which they always seem to have plenty of..can't ask for drugs for kids with a cold, flu, allergy, fever, etc.
it gets really flusterating..

At 10:46 am , Blogger old enough to moan said...

I had a similar experience the other day when parked next to an Asian lady who had left her handbrake off. I thought should I tell her? Her elderly mother was with her and I know how funny they can be if a bloke talks to them so with the car being on level ground I said nothing. The car stayed where it was, even when the younger of the two slammed the door shut and trapped the fingers of the elder one in the car door! Ouch! The only trouble was, because she was speaking, shouting out, in Urdu or something I had no idea that it had happened and I was sat in my car next to them!


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