Friday, April 04, 2008

Fickle and hypocritical

“Ask yourself this, why didn’t Tony Blair make his religious beliefs known whilst he was Prime Minister? Answer, because Alistair Campbell had the political wherewithal to realise that the two do not mix.

So why is Blair so quick to come out now? Firstly he is now playing to an American Market because he knows he has lost all credibility in his own Country, and now that he is out of ‘politics’ he can say whatever he wishes, even if it is nonsense.
Oh, but he did that whilst he was in office.”

The above was my response to a 'Have Your Say’ item on the BBC website asking:

Should politicians bring their religious beliefs into their politics? Can politicians with strong religious beliefs still be objective? Should religion have a bigger role is solving the world's problems?

This followed the call by Tony Blair for religion to have a bigger roll in solving the world’s problems. Is Faith important in politics?

I am sure that others have found better ways to express themselves on HYS but shouldn’t someone tell the former Prime Minister that most conflicts in the world are caused by, and in the name of, religion. Even he and Bush took ‘advice’ and prayed for victory in Iraq because they took the moral high ground.

He plans to launch a Faith Foundation, which will bring different faiths together to promote religion as a force for good.

Will he set it up in the Middle East, maybe the West Bank? No, he will launch it in a secular society such as ours where he will get away with it, because we are a society more tolerant than most religions.


Given that a man is innocent until proven guilty, or even if that be eight men are innocent until proven guilty, the very fact that we are submitted to the hate of the extreme fundamentalists within a religion such as those Islamic extremists who stand accused of plotting to blow up planes crossing the Atlantic, then I wonder if man will ever be able to live in peace.

Why should anyone turn to their, or any other, faith whilst lunatics such as those that kill, or plan to kill, innocent people continue to peddle a loving, peaceful God.

The world’s problems will only be solved by man when he can look beyond his religion, in the case of all religions.

If you wish to believe in a God then do so, but please do not bring him to the negotiating table, there were what, thirteen [?] around the table of Christ and even then there was at least one dissenter amongst them.

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At 5:30 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

blair does know you have to be a u.s. citizen to run for office here doesn't he?...

At 1:28 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

He seems to want to do everything, I wouldn't rule out him running for office, you do have guns in the States, don't you?


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