Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More verbal rambling

I have been avoiding the news of late because I am fed up with reports on the down turn in the economy, predicted food shortages and stagnant mortgage markets which all amounts to a Global crisis.

If all these things were not affecting us in the west then I doubt if they would be given much coverage.

On a personal note I have been waiting seven years for some shares to come to fruition from a company bonus payment, and now the shares market has began to fall I will have lost nearly a quarter of their worth in a matter of months. This would have been enough to keep the wolf away from the door until Christmas at least. [If he comes now we may have to kill and eat him for Christmas dinner]

With all the problems relating to food shortages maybe now we may think about how what we produce and demand as consumers will affect the whole of the world’s population and not just the wealthy west.

This crisis should be less about how much bio fuel crops we can create and more about the crops people can eat. I understand those crops for fuel that will be used to get us to the shops in our cars are now being planted in fields designated for the food crops we buy in the shops! It is not rocket science is it?

If it all goes ‘tits-up’ the media are already getting ready an escape goat in the form of China by repeatedly running stories refering to all the cheap goods it supplies [which we all wear or use], or even the emissions it creates, [more than the US!] or because of its citizens demands to live like us in the west. [Greedily]

And on top of that they cannot even organise an Olympic torch relay.
The Pope is visiting the US and has told reporters on board his plane that he was “deeply ashamed” of sexual abuse by the US clergy. The US Catholic Church has paid out $2bn (£1bn) in settlement for clergy sexual abuse cases in recent years.

Wouldn’t you think the US president would be a little reluctant to allow the leader of a Paedophile ring into the US let alone greeting him at the airport?

Will Tony Blair pop his ugly little smiley head up in the US over the next day or so to meet with the Pope as reward for supporting the alliance in Iraq?

I apologise to all Catholics now for my irreverence, I do not resent you your faith, just those that run it. [And now I must jump back into bed with the Devil?]
I am away for a day or two from today, [if you know where I live then there is little or nothing of any value in the house, unless you count my step daughter who is worth at least three camels and a Snickers bar].
We are off to stay at my partner’s ex in-laws for a couple of days, who have moved down south to be nearer the sea. Unfortunately this means they are further away from their family and friends however it does provide a good base for folk who wish to visit to be near the seaside, such as us.

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At 2:10 am , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

so the pope is deeply embarrased huh?...then why does he continue to hide them off in mexico or brazil or some underprivilaged country that can't protect the new victims...he and bush piss me off...on the gods are bored blog anne pretends to be a fly on the wall between the pope and's pretty damn funny...

At 5:02 am , Blogger texlahoma said...

I hope we're not dumb enough to mess with China. My retirement investments have taken a fall too.
Have a good time at the seaside.

At 9:09 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

YDG - religion and politicians Piss me off too, especially Bush, Blair and any Pope!

Tex - thanks for stopping by, seaside windy but grand thanks.

At 3:46 am , Blogger Tina said...

yea dollar is really sucking over here and everything from gas and other products are increasing in price, yet our salaries remain the same - we're in for something...time will tell...sigh


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