Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Passed and clear

I passed my exam from last night, the second most important result I received today!

Have a hug if you haven't already had one today.

A wee shade of pee

I have discovered the reason why I moan so much and get irritable with people, situations, circumstance, politics etc.

It has less to do with my age or the hot weather we have been having of late and more to do with water, or the lack of it.

Not the bans from watering your garden or washing your car shortage but the actual bodily intake of water.

I drink, especially when doing the odd job around the house, copious amounts of tea and coffee, both without milk, so I am basically drinking coloured water most of the time.

I now discover, through the peeometer, that it is not enough and by checking the chart I need more fluids, the clearer the better.

It is probably not recommended to use the peeometer as a colour chart for the living room walls.

I only hope no one releases the poo-ometer!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Examination and result...

This evening I had an examination for the 3D Computer Aided Design course i am attending at college, carried out for the first time online – that is on a PC.
The exam conditions were well regulated, more so than any other I have come across since leaving school some 30 years ago.

We were all allotted our pre-ordained seats one at a time and then given strict instructions on how to take the test.
We were seated in booth-type workstations in order that you could not see or be disturbed by fellow candidates. I could see part of a PC screen in front and to my right but took no notice of it, concentrating on my own questions as I began the exam.

Seventeen minutes into a forty-five minute exam I had finished all the questions, so I reviewed my answers, changing one or two along the way, pondering on one that made no sense at all, which ever way, or however many times you read it.

Ten minutes later I decided I had given it my best and returned to our usual classroom to fetch my belongings and leave for home.

As I walked into the room to collect my belongings I was followed by someone who had also sat the examination, I could not tell you if he had been on my course since last September or not!
He looked straight at me and proclaimed ‘You’ve passed’

‘How do you know’ I enquired expecting him to say he had spied the results as he had left the examination room, but alas no, he knew I had passed based on his judgement as he had been sat to the back of me looking at all my responses to the multi-choice questions.

The bloody cheek of it!

If I have passed then he has also passed: if I have failed then he will have failed also.
For once in my life I would be more than happy to have failed an examination – results tomorrow.

[I am hoping for better results elsewhere tomorrow.]

Release good - suicide bad

I am sickened by the deaths of the detainees in Guantánamo, who saw no other course of action other than to take their own life. How desperate must they have become to contemplate committing suicide in order to escape a World without hope?

We have always prided ourselves, or at least I have, on the right to have my say and the right to proper legal representation in a court of law. I have never had to put the latter to the test but if ever I should need to in any country I hope this would be granted me.

There can be no justification for the detaining of the interns at Guantánamo without recourse to a trial.
Imagine being kept locked up for effectively the rest of your life with no access to family, friends and legal representation even if you were guilty?

We treat those found guilty of the murder and molestation of children better than those whom we can only presume innocent without a trial imprisoned by the US.

In calling this ‘a good PR move’ the US Administration has probably made even more enemies than they currently imprison.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Supporting armchair and garden swing seat

I have been enjoying the fine weather we are having at the moment too much to blog. That may appear really self-centred considering all the ills in the world I could be moaning about.

But because I have been able to enjoy good company and nice weather over the last couple of weekends I don’t feel like complaining too much about anything.

Plus I watched a really good game of World Cup football Argentina vs Ivory Coast, this followed on from a really drab game from Frankfurt, but it is too early into the tournament to moan about that either.

I have an on-line exam to do at college tomorrow and if that doesn’t go too well I can always moan about that – revision most of the day for me then!