Friday, September 05, 2008

Political change

I have seen two sound bites of John McCain on two separate occasions and on both he used and put great emphasis on the word ‘change’. Is he trying to steal Obama’s thunder in more ways than one?
I think the endorsement and choice of a female running mate has been necessary in order to pick up on a trick that the Democrats missed, had they gone for a lady VP then the race would all but be over.

Whilst the American’s look forward to a legitimate political campaign we in the UK are once again experiencing a behind the scenes hate campaign by lesser political figures, or men who have had their day such as Charles Clark, trying to undermine the slender political advantage the Labour party have and use the current national and international credit crisis to destabilise government.

The US has a real chance of change especially on the International stage. We in the UK are not ready for a change of its own just yet as there is no political body in the UK with an alternative agenda that would bring us sort of change that will make our streets, possessions and families safe from all the other ills in our country affected by ‘youth crime’ guns and knifes.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Don't shoot the kids!

Sarah Palin, the running mate to the Republican US candidate John McCain, has a seventeen year old daughter who is pregnant! So what, who cares?
More worrying are her Christian values, her gun totting ways, [grizzly bears allegedly], her anti-abortion point of view and her support for teaching creationism alongside evolution in science classes at state schools.
As Obama says, ‘kids should be out-of-bounds’ when it comes to political posturing, and with all the ammunition he has to throw at Palin he will never need give the kids [all of them] a second glance.

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