Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Wild Rover

I sometimes wondered what the Brain of GWBush looked like, and here it is in the form of Karl Rove.
I am not surprised it appears to be squat and squidgy as well as dangerously manipulative. I wonder if the Brain of Bush will continue to be immune from all blame relating to bad policies at home and abroad in much the same way that other western leaders appear to be able to exonerate them selves from any blame?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Heathrow protesters

Whether you agree with the Heathrow protestors’ views or not you have to agree that it has certainly put the Airport and the environmental issues high on the agenda, for now at any rate.
If the protests remain peaceful and constructive, as opposed to disruptive and destructive, then more people may listen to the debates and make valued judgements upon the merits of not flying as often as they should.
I am not totally convinced that air travel attributes as much to climate change as other forms of travel such as shipping or vehicles, however I am willing to be convinced otherwise, but only if the militants do not take over the event and they themselves become the news instead of the wider issue on climate change.