Thursday, February 09, 2006

Speedy recovery

A very dear friend of mine has just informed me she has had a biopsy on a growth discovered last month and she is now waiting the results. From experience I know how that feels and my thoughts and wishes go out to her. She is strong and resilient and will see her way through this. How do I know she will cope?, because she was once my wife and if she could cope with that she can cope with anything.

In light of this my laptop not working for a while was rather annoying but not the most important or pressing of dilemmas, especially when I realised I had not turned on the electrical supply at the wall socket and the battery was flat.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

In the dark

Since November 2004 we have had four visits from British Gas engineers to assess the functionality of our electricity meter.

On three occasions it was deemed in working order, on the last visit the meter was changed and taken away.

Now our monthly debit has been increased by over 75% to pay for electricity usage since November 2004, due to a malfunction in the old meter.

This is apparently based upon the reading they were able to get from dismantling the removed meter! How reliable is that?

Needless to say we are now in dispute with British Gas who, according to their adverts have customers returning to them at the rate of 'one every 60 seconds' - quite impressive, but only if this is not based on five people over a period of 5 minutes!

Guardian Unlimited - interesting article; worth considering a switch

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

All that Glistens...

Today I have really do have something to moan about and in order to stop me harping on about it or worrying too much I can Blog it!

It was 3 ½ years ago that I purchased a Ford Focus Automatic from a Ford main dealer. I have been happy with the car ever since, despite having the offside wing mirror kicked off by one of the teenage drunken Chavs who frequent the pavement outside the local SuperMart.

Now the time has arrived to part with the car as we no longer wish to be a two car family (My partner has left work to look after our new baby daughter). However, here is the crux of this moan.

The garage that performed its recent MOT discovered the Chassis number on the car does not match up with the number on the Registration Certificate! And to make things worse the Car Chassis number in the windscreen is not the same as the one on the car chassis either! And that is not all, my lovely Gold coloured car started life apparently Blue.

So am I fekked, have I been sold a ringer that has been in a shunt; has Allen Ford Motors the answer to the mystery of the jumbled up numbers that I will no doubt have to explain to the DVLA?

Do you want to buy a very clean reliable car that has an identity crisis?

Monday, February 06, 2006


With anti-Semitism and Islam phobia on the increase is it not time that we put these outdated over zealous and fanatically defended religions behind us? And yes I do include all other forms of religion, with maybe the exception of Buddhism, for did not Mr.G.W. Bush go to war with the blessing of his God?

The belief in a Higher Being may all have been the foundation of civilisation but they are now so threadbare that it may be time we changed our clothing. What about a return to worship of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars – all of which we now know so much more about. With them we are nothing and we have much to thank them for; with Religion we make excuses for our bad deeds and commit sins beyond my comprehension.

A topic that no doubt needs expanding upon, but hopefully like all Races and Creeds this drivel of mine may one day gel together to make sense.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Good days...

Absolutely nothing to moan about today it has been a very pleasant day indeed. A really nice meal, which I have not had to cook, in good company helps to set me up for another boring day in office – I shall leave it there or else it will spoil my day.

I have not seen the news today either, so I will not ruin it by turning on the television…