Saturday, August 16, 2008

Green with envy

Four Gold medals and a total of nine medals for Team GB was the most successful day so far for GB. A brilliant 100m final race, won convincingly by Jamaica’s Usain Bolt in a World record time of 9.69sec, and the seventh Gold for Michael Phelps made the days viewing all the more satisfying to watch. Now that Phelps has his seventh I sincerely hope he goes on the take his eighth and set a new record breaking best.

My own sporting prowess on the Bowling Green was curtailed even before it began today due to stomach and back pains as I was unable to enter our own local competition on my home green.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Armchair athlete

It has not been a very good week health or weather wise from where I am sitting this week. Unfortunately the allotment has not had much attention; thankfully it is well watered if not weeded. Fortunately the Olympics coverage has made up for the time I have spent in bed or on the settee not being or feeling well.

I am almost wishing [but not wanting] Michael Phelps will fail in at least one of his Olympic challenges for no other reason than the feeling that it would give the winner of such an event; imagine beating someone who appears almost invincible? He is already the most successful Olympian ever, what more could he want? [Does he ever smile?] Have you seen how much this bloke eats? No wonder there is a world wide food shortage.

For different reasons, who ever started it, I was also hoping that Georgia would come out on top of the Russians in the recent round of East European madness. I am so glad that some of the Georgian athletes were able to beat their Russian opponents in both beach volleyball and one of the combat sports. [Who ever thought of introducing beach volley ball as an Olympic event? Put some clothes on for heavens sake!]

Now that the track and field events have started we can expect to see the US overtake China in the medal table surely? But before all of that Team GB have a great chance of increasing our tally in the boat races tomorrow and on two wheels in the Velodrome.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Having a smashing time of it...

I have been missing for a day or two, OK a week, due to several factors. My partner, her mother and our three year old daughter were in road crash in Wales on the Monday as I discovered just after making my last post on this Blog spot.
I had to go and pick them up from the hospital some 100 miles away and bring them back home.
Apart from bruising and the mother-in-laws cracked sternum, they are all well, alas the car is not.
Our three yr old suffered no effects at all apart from being able to introduce a crash scenario into her play with her toys cars, bless.

With my health not being too good of late we have had to rely on others to lend a hand, it is a good job we have three healthy and lovely teenage daughters between us.
So, this is a thank you to them.
And yes, we will treat them once we are all on the mend again.