Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Axis of Evil Cookbook

If I was in the habit of sending Christmas presents to World Leaders then this cookbook would be on top of my list for GW Bush, if nothing else it would give him food for thought. I am even considering putting it on my own Christmas wish list; I could replace it for of the those relating to World Order and Peace.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I would love to meet...

Doris Lessing
Although she appears extremely controversial and will not appeal to every one I would love to listen to her views on just about everything, whether I agree with her not.

Judge for yourself

There is more than enough material for anyone reading the daily newspapers, or just looking out of one’s own front room window, to find to moan about. From the harsh realities of war torn countries, such as those in the Middle East [for which Tony Blair will be the saviour, yea right!], to the increase in gun and knife crime in our inner cities, or on a lesser but still highly annoying scale to the idiot who walks his dog down our street without using the necessary equipment to clean up after his dog.

All these and more I have missed blogging about due to ongoing health problems and Internet Service Provider issues [advice: do not use Tiscali unless you have the patience of a saint should anything go wrong with your service].

I have just seen this article, which when read in conjunction with news items from yesterday relating to mental health patients being given care in the community whom then go on to commit murder, is it any wonder that it makes my blood boil.

The Article relates to a man who attacked and blinded in one eye an elderly gentleman of 97 for no apparent reason other than he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That in itself is bad enough, but to compound matters even more the aggressor managed to escape a custodial sentence despite the incident being caught on CCTV.

‘The judge said jailing him would "do nothing to protect the public".’ I would like to see the judge travel to work every day on the same mode of transport as those people he deems fit to live along side us in the community.