Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Have they no shame?

Blair to resign as MP tomorrow - Guardian Unlimited

I knew Mr Blair would not go quietly and you can bet your bottom dollar the constituency of Sedgefield did not him to go quite so quickly, as it appears he may be stepping down as an MP to take up the position as envoy to the Middle East!

So, he has dumped his loyal followers who have kept him in power all this time to further, or more than likely, damage his career even more than he has done thus far.

I do not understand why anyone, let alone the Russians, EU and UN would want Tony Blair any where near the Middle East. He may just as well open an Estate Agents office in the West Bank!

Yet another ‘old friend’ appointment pushed through by G.W. Bush.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Goodbye Blair

The most disappointing thing about the end of Tony Blair’s as Prime Minister is that he will not be going quietly; it also appears that it will not be very cheap either; what with his pension and other payments as an MP he will not be doing too badly.
He no doubt already has lucrative positions of employment lined up, which apparently also includes one as some sort of envoy to the Middle East, if you are talking about insensitivities you may as well appoint Salman Rushdie to that office.

[Talking of Rushdie, if this country wants to continue handing out antiquated awards of so called merit to someone for writing books then so be it, but to call for the beheading of the receiver of such an award is ludicrous. How insensitive is that? FFS!]

Blair will no doubt bring out a book, have several TV interviews lined up and generally have views on just about everything so grit your teeth and prepare yourself for the Blair onslaught.

So, now that Mr Blair has finally gone, and despite all his best efforts to find a legacy to be proud of, his lasting legacy will always be the war on Iraqi, not the war on ‘Terror’ that he and G.W.Bush have managed to inflame, again despite his best efforts to disassociate Iraq from any acts of violence, especially those acts perpetrated in the UK.

So over to you now Gordon Brown, it has taken you long enough to come out from behind his shadow, so don’t waste the time you have as leader of the Labour Party and the Government making excuses for past failings.

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