Thursday, September 11, 2008

Striking a balance

I can now confirm that the CERN project has had an immediate and profound affect on the equilibrium of the Universe as we know it – England beat Croatia 4-1 in the World Cup qualifiers.

If sometime over the next few weeks, as testing intensifies, perhaps it could see its way clear to tipping the scales of fortune in my direction by ensuring my six numbers are drawn from this weeks Lotto.

Why, as a nation, are we over sensitive when it comes to poking fun at Religious and Terrorist figures that centre on the Muslim faith? A police officer is to be hauled over the coals for dressing up as Bin Laden at his local Carnival, and for this he has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission [IPCC].

A friend of mine dressed up as the Pope for a fancy dress party the other week and another dressed as a stocking wearing Nun and no one complained.

We also get uptight about people dressing as Nazi’s or the evil Fuhrër himself, yet comedians in this country have built careers doing just that.

I do not see it as a problem if someone dresses as Bin Laden, the Pope, Adolf or Christ, it is these very subjects that frighten and amuse us and poking fun at them is not necessarily disrespectful.

What is disrespectful is telling others that they are being Racist in doing so or not allowing others to express views on Terrorists or Faiths.

We are repeatedly told that Muslim does not equal terrorist, which I truly believe, however if that is the case then Bin Laden equals terrorist not Muslim and is fair game.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Be afraid!

The CERN giant particle collider project has been switched on and has begun it set-up runs to determine many unanswered questions about our universe.

Am I scared? NO

The UK, like many other European countries, are set to enter a period of recession and my sick pay is about to sop.

Am I scared? NO

In the US an action figure portraying the Republican vice-presidential candidate as an executive, a superhero and a schoolgirl goes on sale [view video]. A school girl?

Am I scared? You bet your bottom dollar I am!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Big Bang, Winds of Change, or Damp Squid?

On Wednesday of this week a machine will be switched on, which if it works, will answer many scientific questions about the universe and how it was created. If it does not work not only will it have been a complete waste of money as well as human intellectual resource but is may also, according to the more pessimistic of us, be the end of the universe as we know it.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a particle collider built in Geneva, is a fascinating project even for the most unknowledgeable of persons such as me. I read an article about the experiment in the week and watched on TV last night a program all about the LHC [The project is 20 years in the making and I hear about it two days ago!]and eagerly wait with interest to see if:
1. I am still here after the switch on.
2. If it will answer the age old question of where the other sock disappears too when it comes out of the dryer?
More info on the LHC: Guardian

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Sport Aid

Call me a meanie, call me disability-phob, but can some one please tell me what the Paralympics are all about?

Personally I am not opposed to people with disabilities competing against one another, but on such a scale as the Paralympics for me does not justify the financial cost when money could be spent improving the lives of disabled persons in other Countries where they have fewer opportunities and less facilities or acceptance.

I am one step away from being registered disabled myself [and will probably be a step closer should any one in a wheel chair ever come across me] but I really do not understand why we have an Olympics for the disabled when what we should be doing is encouraging those who can to compete against able bodied folk; after all, isn’t that what we encourage in everyday life, give or take one or two understandable alterations such as adapted toilets and access etc.

I cannot bring myself to watch the spectacle in the way that I did the Olympic Games that preceded them.
I see nothing wrong with someone shooting a gun or even an arrow from a bow whilst seated in a wheel chair if they were to compete in the modern Olympics, which are supposed to portray all that is good about the human race.

To hold these games up as an example of what can be achieved by someone with a disability is not a good way to portray how we should treat someone with a disability, they are not separate, special or different to any of us as we too could find ourselves in their position one day, but to place them in an arena that does more to highlight the fact that some one has lost an arm or a leg rather then what they can achieve does nothing for me as a spectator or to further the cause of accepting disability into society.

Sure, for health and safety reasons start the wheelchair racers off on a separate start line in the Marathon as they do in London, but to single out disability as reason enough to warrant a separate race is surely racism of some form or another. Why not have a separate starting line for Men and Women? Oh, they do? Is that not sexism?