Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Things that pain me

I have been missing from my laptop for a day or two whilst I allow my self time to recover from a change over of prescribed tablets from the Pain Clinic, and I will be changing them again over the next day or two. I have not been able to attend the allotment as I would have hoped, however, it does seem to be doing well without too much care and attention as the produce continues to flourish. Now that the rain has stopped I may be able to get back up there and clear some of the weeds.
I read with interest that Barack Obama has declared himself winner of the Democrat nomination race in the US, thank fcuk for that, unfortunately his opponent is still not bowing out just yet. [She will no doubt end up running along side Obama despite the dirty campaign she has had].
The youth who lost his life in a motor bike accident down the road from our home last weekend was apparently under the influence of alcohol, underage and riding [pillion] without a crash helmet [A crash helmet is a legal requirement in the UK]. I feel for the poor woman whose car it was that unavoidably ran into the bike and the family of the deceased. I also watch with interest as school friends of the dead boy continue to ride their own scooters along the road in a manner that can only be described as foolish.

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