Friday, May 02, 2008

Rough ride through elections

I have just seen a video of President Bush conducting an orchestra and to be perfectly honest I don’t think I would trust him to be the conductor on a bus!

On a day when the Labour Party has lost control of so many councils in the
local elections I think it is about time we in the UK began to question the driver our governmental bus right now. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Mr Brown the conductor on Tony Blair’s bus before Tony eventually sped off to earn his fortune?
If you are going to step into the shoes of an unpopular leader then at least try changing the routes taken a little before hitting a brick wall and then say you are willing to listen. Too late for that Gordon, the wheels are about to come off your bus altogether if you don’t act now.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Who am I?

One of my biggest fears for years has been that I may eventually turn into my Father and despite my protestations over as many years other people have tried to convince me that I already am him. I can now see some of his traits beginning to manifest themselves and not always the good ones which are most disconcerting since we never got on, so does that mean that I now hate myself as much as I did my Father?

I now have another fear, which is that I may be turning into my Mother as well. Her worse traits - such as never knowing the full details or facts to a story, not knowing what she is buying in shops, eating half of what is on her plate and then passing it over to me, getting words, people and places mixed up – are not in themselves all that bad in comparison with those of my Father but now that I can see them in myself I am somewhat alarmed.

Who wants to be like their Mother for fcuk sake?

Just the other day I tried to give my eldest daughter half a packet of opened sweets to take back home with her, this is something my Mother is always doing to us and invariably they remain in the packet at home until we throw them out.

I am also beginning to get confused over the dates and times of events that are imminent on the calendar, such as when we are supposed to have friends around for dinner and what date the christening of my nephew’s lad is. Without my partner I would be lost as far as keeping diary entries are concerned.

I am not suffering from Alzheimer’s or anything, although you would not know it at times, but I think it is a good job that one of my other daughters has just joined a support group for suffers.

To be perfectly honest I think my Mother drove my Father mad with distraction over their forty odd years of marriage and between them they kind of messed my head up a little which is why I am the person I am today, but may not be the same person I am tomorrow.

Anyone wish to finish this beef pastry?