Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rock Chick

I just have to share this article on Palin with the who ever reads my post, especially Democratic friends from over the pond.

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The right money wronged.

Having watched Gordon Brown deliver his Party conference speech I thought it only right and proper that I should listen live to that given by David Cameron at his Party’s conference in Birmingham.
I found it so dull and uninspiring that I cannot bring myself to place a link to it here and, if I am honest, it is not worth seeking out on the net anywhere else either.
Our politics and politicians are dull and dire at the best of times but given the economic climate at the moment you would expect them to take advantage of the situation and gee everyone else up especially those in the electorate that are suffering most.
As in the US most common folk, I include myself in that, believe most of the blame lay not only at the politician’s doorstep but also of those who work in the finance industry who have taken much out of the system in the way of profits both for themselves and the share holders.
And which side of the fence do they sit, ayes to the right.

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