Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Looking swell

I did notice, even if no one else has, that I have not left a comment on the size of my waistline in a little while. The waistline, like the lack of comment, has gone unchecked which inevitably has resulted in a noticeable increase in girth. I am now once more hovering around the 15 st mark and I am not too happy about it. Why do middle-aged men tend to put on weight whilst enjoying life’s little luxuries, such as crisps, biscuits and boiled or jellied sweets? I wouldn’t mind if I was the sort of guy who swills more than two or three pints of beer a night, I am lucky if I do that in a month!
I will try again to lose some of the offending blubber over the coming months, even if I am the only one noting the weight loss/gain online, although there are others whom have begun to notice and comment in person.

I have to admit to preferring the direct approach of commenting upon my weight gain when told, “God, you have put some weight on”, to the more embarrassing attempt to pass a subtle comment such as, “Gosh, you are looking well”
This comment is equally as ambiguous when directed at someone who has lost weight. When over-weight they really mean, “You look FAT”, and when you have shed a few pounds the implication is, “You look ILL”.

I will settle for feeling comfortable, and since I do not feel that way at the moment I will lose enough weight to feel happy with myself regardless of how I look.


14 st 13 ½ lbs