Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting off the fence, especially our own!

The other evening I stood looking out of my bedroom window at three youths and two girls all drinking and joking around over the road from where I live. Nothing special in that you may think, but when I tell you the oldest could have been no older than 13 you will understand why I was tempted to call the police. Not because they were causing any harm, but if they had either been in trouble previously, or if they were just given a kick up the backside it may have had the effect of making them realise that what they were doing is wrong. I shudder to think what would happen to their internal workings should they continue to spend their evenings swigging from cans of beer night after night. Then today I read in the paper about the sentences given to three lads who kicked a father-of-three to death who had dared to remonstrate with them for causing criminal damage to property belonging to another. The widow of the deceased has pledged to do more to make our streets safer, in order to begin this process I really wish I had informed the Police of the five underage drinkers hanging around our streets, not more than 200 yards away from a shop that they may have made their purchase of alcohol from. I think if we all made the effort to report these incidents it would help make our streets a safer place; at least it is a start., otherwise who will be next to be needlessly murdered in front of their family on their own doorstep?