Friday, February 24, 2006

Democracy Rules

Many countries have at sometime or other throughout History experienced Civil War, [Britain, America, France…] Unfortunately Iraq appears, according to some commentators, to be either on the brink of, or in a state of Civil war.

Given the fact that the most recent of the various reasons to invade Iraq is to spread the Democratic process [as opposed to earlier versions such as WMD; Regime change etc…] it may be time for the US and the UK accept our own responsibilities by admitting to fundamental mistakes, including not planning for the aftermath of the invasion.

The recent situation in Iraq was, in my view, accelerated by the decision taken to invade Iraq by the ‘coalition of the willing’. An urgent requirement of Iraqis now is to the escalation of violence by not allowing the extremists to succeed in their aims.

It may also be an opportune moment for us to call upon the rest of the International community, especially the UN, to help bail us out before we inflame the threat from terror and the Global unrest even further.

And can we prove our supposed dedication to the Democratic Process and our reputation in the Middle East by working with Palestine instead of turning our backs on it, whether we agree with the elected body or not?

Normy's Corner of the Universe

Thank you for the kind comments on your Blog Normy and for the comment you left whilst passing through my Blog. Glad you appreciated reading my Creationism post, but Steve McQueen? Now come on that really is too much.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I have to first of all apologise for admitting to using Tesco Internet Online shopping for a while when my partner gave up work after the birth of our daughter: so with the new arrival I guess we can be forgiven for that. We no longer use this facility, initially because all the consumable goods were on the limit of their sell by date, meaning if we did not eat it the next day it had to be disposed of. Latterly we have looked at our eating and shopping habits and use the larger Supermarket chain stores as little as possible these days: preferring to support the Local butcher for meats and a brilliant Farm Shop for our Fruit and Vegetables.

We realised if we continued to patronise the Supermarket we may one day lose the local shops from our community and probably end up with yet another empty retail space or, Allah forbid, a mobile phone [fone!] shop.

In our experience not only is the food of a better quality, being sourced locally without having to travel hundreds of miles, but also the service is much friendlier.

I was so pleased to come across the
Tescopoly and Every Little Hurts internet sites and would recommend anyone passing through my blog to take at look at some of the wider issues that result from Supermarket advancements.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Genesis – I can’t [won’t] dance

we walk as one Joy of Joys, Creationism is again raising its ugly head(s).
I find it somewhat disconcerting and extremely pitiful that we allow Religious groups, be it Christian, Islam, Judaism or otherwise to continually peddle outdated, centuries old, doctrines according to their beliefs.

Imagine for just one moment if we all denounced the theory of Evolution as poppycock. Could we then rely upon all Religious groups to form one coherent theory on a belief that God created Earth, and in only six days? We all know the answer to that one.

I do not have a problem with others having a religious faith. The alarming thing about expounders of Creationism is the religious zealots, religious and political, who use it in an attempt to influence everyone that their theory is the only explanation and that it should be taught in schools and even in

Creationism is a poor counter argument to Evolution. At least with Evolution things do change; Religion is too entrenched in the past.

If any God created man then why do Christians kill Christians; Muslims kill Muslims? [.. and call for the death of Cartoonists, even I don’t like them all?]

I do not hate Muslims or Catholics; but my dislike for their God(s) is Evolving with increasing velocity.

If the image above offends then blame
Darwin for getting most of it right. Forward all complaints via email to:

Similarly if you are Christian and did not get what you wanted for Xmas send emails to

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blogs - where opposites co-exist

Today I had my first ever real comment posted to my Blog, thank you 'bionic'for taking the time.
He could not be any more opposite to me in regards to background and obviously views; non the less a comment was made and, as much as we may differ or disagree, you have freely expressed your comments without fear of reprisal or retribution.
Here is to freedom of speech, the power of the blog and fortunately the many facets of the human mind. And for being Real.