Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Genesis – I can’t [won’t] dance

we walk as one Joy of Joys, Creationism is again raising its ugly head(s).
I find it somewhat disconcerting and extremely pitiful that we allow Religious groups, be it Christian, Islam, Judaism or otherwise to continually peddle outdated, centuries old, doctrines according to their beliefs.

Imagine for just one moment if we all denounced the theory of Evolution as poppycock. Could we then rely upon all Religious groups to form one coherent theory on a belief that God created Earth, and in only six days? We all know the answer to that one.

I do not have a problem with others having a religious faith. The alarming thing about expounders of Creationism is the religious zealots, religious and political, who use it in an attempt to influence everyone that their theory is the only explanation and that it should be taught in schools and even in

Creationism is a poor counter argument to Evolution. At least with Evolution things do change; Religion is too entrenched in the past.

If any God created man then why do Christians kill Christians; Muslims kill Muslims? [.. and call for the death of Cartoonists, even I don’t like them all?]

I do not hate Muslims or Catholics; but my dislike for their God(s) is Evolving with increasing velocity.

If the image above offends then blame
Darwin for getting most of it right. Forward all complaints via email to: god@heaven.com.

Similarly if you are Christian and did not get what you wanted for Xmas send emails to santa@northpole.com


At 12:53 am , Blogger Normy said...

So this Creationism conflict is going on in the UK too... here in the USA the biggest load of donkey turds I've heard in a while is this "Intelligent Design" thing they're trying to push in schools. Hell, might as well be preaching to them. Anyhow I like your blog. Feel free to check mine out, though I haven't been all that creative with it as of lately. Peace.

At 6:40 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

i scream about right wing christian groups all the time on my blog.they make my ass hurt..thomas jefferson made his own bible with all the miracles cut out,all reference to jesus being god, etc...now that's my kind of bible..i like your blog...thank normy for sending me your way...

At 10:41 pm , Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

You remind me of an agnostic, dislexic insomniac I used to know who would stay up all night wondering if there was a Dog.
I'm a believer of the Bible, but I know the rest of the world does not, necessarily, and therefore have no problem with public schools teaching the theory of Evolution, as long as they qualify it as such.
Bottom line is, it's ALL guesswork. Nobody living now was around when it all started, so let's abandon our dogmatic mentalities and get freaking real!


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