Thursday, February 09, 2006

Speedy recovery

A very dear friend of mine has just informed me she has had a biopsy on a growth discovered last month and she is now waiting the results. From experience I know how that feels and my thoughts and wishes go out to her. She is strong and resilient and will see her way through this. How do I know she will cope?, because she was once my wife and if she could cope with that she can cope with anything.

In light of this my laptop not working for a while was rather annoying but not the most important or pressing of dilemmas, especially when I realised I had not turned on the electrical supply at the wall socket and the battery was flat.


At 8:46 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Update: Although it was not best of news from the results it looks like being ok, thankfully.
Lets face it you had already suffered enough being married to me for 10 years!


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