Tuesday, February 07, 2006

All that Glistens...

Today I have really do have something to moan about and in order to stop me harping on about it or worrying too much I can Blog it!

It was 3 ½ years ago that I purchased a Ford Focus Automatic from a Ford main dealer. I have been happy with the car ever since, despite having the offside wing mirror kicked off by one of the teenage drunken Chavs who frequent the pavement outside the local SuperMart.

Now the time has arrived to part with the car as we no longer wish to be a two car family (My partner has left work to look after our new baby daughter). However, here is the crux of this moan.

The garage that performed its recent MOT discovered the Chassis number on the car does not match up with the number on the Registration Certificate! And to make things worse the Car Chassis number in the windscreen is not the same as the one on the car chassis either! And that is not all, my lovely Gold coloured car started life apparently Blue.

So am I fekked, have I been sold a ringer that has been in a shunt; has Allen Ford Motors the answer to the mystery of the jumbled up numbers that I will no doubt have to explain to the DVLA?

Do you want to buy a very clean reliable car that has an identity crisis?


At 6:12 pm , Blogger old enough to moan said...

Now that I have checked it for myself the number on the windscreen does match that in the engine compartment. But to add to all the confusion the Registration has now also been added incorrectly on the MOT Cert!
Are we all dyslexic?


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