Friday, February 17, 2006

Parental guidance

A plea to the President of the USA:

Please stop trying to be 'Do As I Say and Not as I do' Parents to the rest of the World and act as good thoughtful Guardians - you will not have the upper hand forever so make friends now by showing you do care, it is not all about money.

Climate change is worse than you thought...

Would you expect a US citizen to be treated thus?
Guantanamo Bay prison camp
... as if carrying out these
atrocities for all the World to see was not bad enough, who knows what goes on behind our backs?

And then there are
GM crops!


At 4:23 pm , Blogger The Bionic 1 said...

Most of the people held at Gitmo would cut your head off in a heart beat.
So loud music and cold rooms is torture to you?

Get real.

At 1:07 am , Blogger Normy said...

I don't like Bush or his beliefs, but at least he's not a gun control advocate. That's the only thing I can agree with him on. I just can't believe the fool was elected again. I was one of about 88 people in my home county who did a write-in vote for Ralph Nader, since he wasn't on the ballot here in Indiana. I live in a largely rural county, so 88 people is saying something! Especially in such a republican, Christian-dominated part of the state. It's still beyond me why getting two candidates to pick from (when the electoral college is really who decides) is central to a democracy. Anyhow, about Gitmo- yeah they'd probably kill ya if they escaped and you happened to be standing there, but on the other hand they wouldn't be in the prison there in the first place to worry about being treated unethically if Bush hadn't put them there. It has to stop somewhere though, I think the guy is actually dumb enough to think he's doing some good, when in reality there will always be terrorists and more people to replace the terrorists who are captured.


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