Monday, February 13, 2006

My Dad’s allotment is now a housing estate…

I am totally opposed to GM crops and unless anyone can convince me otherwise I can seen no proof of their necessity other than to line the pockets of those that are trying to force them upon us.

Although GM seems to have taken a back seat in world events, or at least on our daily news programs, it has not gone away, far from it.

Europe may now be forced by the WTO to pay for its opposition to GM in our defiant stance against the US who are once again trying to impose its will upon the on the rest of the World.

The Americans do not have a particularly good reputation when it comes to human rights and placing free trade above any thought for our rights and the environment will do it no favours.

‘The US maintains that through the WTO it has won a great victory for free trade, and passed a significant milestone in US attempts "to have GM crops accepted throughout the world". Perhaps, but the battle is far from won, and in the meantime anyone opposing the crops is being reclassed as an enemy of America’.

If this stance means I am an enemy of America then I am happy to be just that.


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