Friday, February 24, 2006

Democracy Rules

Many countries have at sometime or other throughout History experienced Civil War, [Britain, America, France…] Unfortunately Iraq appears, according to some commentators, to be either on the brink of, or in a state of Civil war.

Given the fact that the most recent of the various reasons to invade Iraq is to spread the Democratic process [as opposed to earlier versions such as WMD; Regime change etc…] it may be time for the US and the UK accept our own responsibilities by admitting to fundamental mistakes, including not planning for the aftermath of the invasion.

The recent situation in Iraq was, in my view, accelerated by the decision taken to invade Iraq by the ‘coalition of the willing’. An urgent requirement of Iraqis now is to the escalation of violence by not allowing the extremists to succeed in their aims.

It may also be an opportune moment for us to call upon the rest of the International community, especially the UN, to help bail us out before we inflame the threat from terror and the Global unrest even further.

And can we prove our supposed dedication to the Democratic Process and our reputation in the Middle East by working with Palestine instead of turning our backs on it, whether we agree with the elected body or not?


At 9:51 pm , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

ah yes, but you see with THIS democratic loving president democracy is only for other we are losing our freedoms faster than he can void them...he who is above all...he who says i can do what i want to cause i am the president...f***** thinks he is king george....although i just call him forest gump.

At 2:32 pm , Blogger Normy said...

Hehehe... that's true... I call him "Dubya." Dubya says, stupid is as stupid does...

At 3:34 am , Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

If Prez Johnny Reb was anymore full of bull&%$#, it would be oozing out his ears...but I digress.
The Middle East appeasement process hasn't worked, isn't working, and shows no signs of ever doing so, whiles Reb's "Give war a chance" interventionalism is in the same camp...
Gee, boys & girls...Maybe the lesson to learn is as simple as "F&%$ not with others, that ye be not f&%$ed with" - especially when you don't have your excrement assembled in your own country!

Altruism is a lie, but charity begins at home!


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