Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I have to first of all apologise for admitting to using Tesco Internet Online shopping for a while when my partner gave up work after the birth of our daughter: so with the new arrival I guess we can be forgiven for that. We no longer use this facility, initially because all the consumable goods were on the limit of their sell by date, meaning if we did not eat it the next day it had to be disposed of. Latterly we have looked at our eating and shopping habits and use the larger Supermarket chain stores as little as possible these days: preferring to support the Local butcher for meats and a brilliant Farm Shop for our Fruit and Vegetables.

We realised if we continued to patronise the Supermarket we may one day lose the local shops from our community and probably end up with yet another empty retail space or, Allah forbid, a mobile phone [fone!] shop.

In our experience not only is the food of a better quality, being sourced locally without having to travel hundreds of miles, but also the service is much friendlier.

I was so pleased to come across the
Tescopoly and Every Little Hurts internet sites and would recommend anyone passing through my blog to take at look at some of the wider issues that result from Supermarket advancements.


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Sweet! - Competition inquiry


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