Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back' in Labour

I watched Gordon Brown deliver his speech at the Party conference yesterday afternoon and I was so impressed I immediately stopped what I was doing to listen. It was so refreshing to hear someone who once again sounded like a true Labourite instead of New Labour. To be honest the tag of New is now well and truly laboured. I only hope that those who wish to challenge his leadership for their own gain will now shut up and work with the rest of the Party to ensure we come out of this recession with some good standing.

I for one will not be sad on hearing this mornings badly timed news that Front Bench lady Ruth Kelly, claiming to want to spend more time with her children, has decided it is time to step down. I despise people who put themselves and their religious beliefs to the detriment of everything and everyone else and therefore I do not think she will be a loss to the Labour front benches.
The best move for this transport secretary is to put the throttle to the floor and disappear into the horizon quickly.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

On, off or over?

My partner has promised me two things before I am 50 next year, one is to marry me and the other is to finish the jumper she started knitting for me over 18 months ago. She has recently picked the knitting up again so perhaps she intends arranging the wedding for next year after all?

We had begun to put Christmas off for this year, or at least warn of less presents this yuletide, and just concentrate on the festivities and general feelings of wellbeing over the holidays but my mother now assures me the credit crunch is over. Should she tell Gordon Brown?

I am sure all mortgage holders both sides of the Atlantic would prefer my mother’s predictions, however she has not always had a very good track record. Today she said it would be lovely and sunny, it is raining.

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