Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stomach pains continue – 27 May

It was once again 03.00am when I was running a bath in order to alleviate the pains in my back and stomach. It came as a surprise to me then that I had to run another bath at 06.00am to do the same. My partner, Zoe, woke me up at 08.00am as I still lay, fast asleep, in the bath water.

In order to give my stomach a rest I had unwisely lay off taking Paracetamol during a good part of the day, an experiment I shall not be repeating today given last night’s unsatisfactory results.

I still have the problems with stomach pains which at times have me bent over double trying to get some relief. I will have to monitor the situation and inform those who know better of the symptoms, which hopefully can be attributed to the effects of chemotherapy and nothing any more sinister than that.

Good thing about being up so early is the lovely birdsong that ordinarily gets lost amongst the traffic and background noise. Listen out for it, it really is magical.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stomach pains

I do not understand why my stomach should be giving me so much trouble today but I am in a little bit of pain around the abdomen and I am unable to relieve it no matter what I try.

I will monitor it for the rest of the day and see how it goes.

I had a later start to the day than intended and was woken up abruptly by a really bad dream. In the dream I was attempting to get home to my family only to be apprehended by someone I thought I knew but turned out not to. They started to take me off in the opposite direction to home. I panicked in the dream and began to vomit, fortunately it did not translate to real life as I was not being sick just a minor dribble.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chemotherapy #2 of 3

I can honestly say that it is getting easier to have chemotherapy now that I am feeling better again. I am able to relax more and as a result I believe those around me, including the nurses, also find it easier to administer the medication.
One nurse [Lorraine – she has now drawn the ‘short straw’ four times out of five] and one needle results in one successful trip to the Oncology outpatients.

We can now begin to look forward even more to our plans to holiday between chemo sessions.

Naturally I shall begin to feel tired later and maybe a little sick but in the scheme of things that is no great hardship.


Monday, May 25, 2009


The University Hospital was like a ghost town today due to it being a Bank Holiday. Does this mean that if the government were to declare every Monday a Bank Holiday then the Country would have less sick people and statistically the Nation’s Health would look so much better?
It’s almost as if all the sick people had got better overnight and the hospital looked as if it was no more than an extravagant resource.

However, we all know this not to be true, and I am glad that the nurse [Sam], despite not getting paid overtime, was there to take my blood as the pathology lab at the local hospital I normally use had closed down for the Bank Holiday completely.

Now I am hoping that the results they get from my bloods are good enough to allow me to have chemotherapy tomorrow.

I have had much less pain in my back recently, due primarily to the chemo, although today I have had to use the top-up medication twice, something I have not had to do in almost a full week.