Friday, February 27, 2009

Positive results from Scan

Well! What can I say and where do I start?
We naturally approached today’s appointment with more than a little trepidation and were extremely anxious in case we were going to get some news we had not anticipated from the Scan results of last week.

Not only was the news good but it just got better as the appointment progressed.
Firstly the tumour is now, after chemotherapy, half the size it was in just over seven weeks since treatment began. This far exceeded their expectations let alone ours. As a result I am now free from Chemotherapy for at least three weeks, unless the pains come back in which case I can phone to have more therapy arranged.

Secondly I also thought I would chance my arm in asking, as I knew many before me would’ve already asked, about a relatively new form of therapy to the UK known as Cyberknife. I read about this on a cancer social network site I had joined and thought I would enquire however I did not expect the reaction I received, which again was positive. The Oncologist has agreed to look further into my case to see if I am a possible candidate for the procedure as part of the start of clinical trials.

Cyberknife is only available in one clinic in the country and it is in the private sector in London but I have to be willing to pay for this should it be feasible. It will not cure but if it were possible it would increase the length of my life.
We are hoping that I am indeed eligible for this type of treatment that uses radiotherapy but much more localised than the current forms of radiotherapy treatment in use.

What a day, what a wonderful day.
This is yet another day whereby I cannot knock the NHS in the UK and once again I am truly indebted to them.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wendy Richard dies 65

It is sad when anyone dies from a terminal illness and when they are in the public eye it just brings it home how vulnerable we all are. Wendy Richard has passed away following terminal cancer and my thoughts and wishes go to those she leaves behind, especially her husband.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A welcome break from treatment

I feel so much better for not having gone for Chemo yesterday, I am still tired and run out of breath easily, as shown this morning whilst helping Zoe put down a base for our new greenhouse, but I can cope with that for now.
I am relatively pain free compared to how I was a while ago so from that point of view chemo treatment has been quite successful. I hope this coming Friday, when I meet the Oncology doctor that she also confirms the effectiveness of the treatment and that it is indeed working.
I guess it also helps psychologically knowing that I do not have to fight with the needles and veins and the nausea that follows.