Thursday, May 25, 2006

Moaning, Observing and Learning

The news is so full of woe, especially for Tony Blair and the Labour Party he rejuvenated and is now in danger of being buried in the eyes of the electorate for a long time if he continues the way he is carrying on.
His appointment of John Reid as Home Secretary is one that surprised me as I thought Mr. Reid may have ultimately come out as a contender against Gordon Brown for the leadership. He is now in a position whereby he can show the inadequacies of every other Home Secretary that Tony has appointed, thus putting more nails in the Blair Coffin whilst doing no harm to his own cause whatsoever. [Unless he continues in the vein of his predecessors and reels of fictitious facts and figures relating to personages illegal or otherwise].

I was going to start this entry in my blog with an insight into the mentality of the next generation of adolescence female being brought up around our way. My comments are not so much aimed at the 7 year old girl who was walking home with her arm firmly wedged inside a large packet of family sized chilli crisps as it is her Dad. He was obviously doing his fatherly duty by picking up his daughter from school and had stopped off for a snack for the journey home. As he finished the last dregs of his drink he held the empty Can against a street lamp post and crushed it by using his head, Glaswegian Kiss so to speak.
Tosser, was the first thought running through my mind, but then when you realise this is a Father walking his daughter home from school and not some Neanderthal out with his mates showing off, and so I thought – Big Tosser!
The Can was that of a Red Bull energy drink, so I was wondering if he would he have felt equally obliged to crush it had it been emptied of, say, Tango?

At this point I really do wish he as attacked by a large animated Orang-utan.

The above has absolutely nothing to do with Blair or the Labour Party and neither have what follows, but it has been a day or two since I posted to this blog and I wanted to make some comment – am I now making comments for the sake of it?

Flicking through TV channels, which is a trait I hate in others, I caught the start of a 1941 20th Century Fox film
‘Belle Star - The bandit Queen’ and thought that it was a title that was not likely to used today unless it related to a porn film, but alas I was wrong, as in 1994 the Bandit Queen’ was released.
This just goes to prove my ignorance in things Historical and Film.

I was also shown how ignorant I am when it comes to religion today, this became obvious when I was helping my daughter revise for her Religious Education (RE) exam for tomorrows exam.
I was broadly bought up in the belief of Christ by my Catholic father: two of my daughters also went to a Primary school that was faith based. I no longer, if ever, believe in any God but still follow the basic principles because my conscience will not allow otherwise and there are laws in our country that do not allow me to do certain things, such as killing my neighbour, without facing the consequences.
This got me to wondering about how religion impacts on other countries beliefs and where their own values and morals are derived from.
I will allow myself to step from the path of righteousness and keep my daughters school book to educate myself on the World’s major religions: not that I am going all God like, its just it may help me to understand other people(s).

Monday, May 22, 2006

One small step...

Blair in Baghdad for Iraq talks

Perhaps Tony should go on a walk about in Iraq so all the good people of that country can thank him in person for liberating their country and bringing democracy and stability to the region.

I wonder if he will pop next door to that other great democratically led country: Iran