Monday, August 04, 2008

Thank God for Liberals

Religion was most probably conceived to prevent mankind from falling out with one another and to live, wherever possible, to live in peace and harmony.

So how can religious leaders claim to represent a God that excludes from its door men and women whom love someone of the same sex?

The outfits, or uniforms, of these self righteous bigots, like their values, are relics of the dark to middle to ages and in order to bring themselves up to date they need to look within themselves before judging others so quickly.

The Anglican Church still faces the possibility of a split over the issue of same sex marriages and the consecration of gay clergy. What is it scared of really? Losing the money and strength it can muster from staying together or the wrath of God?

Oh, let’s just phone the big man up and ask him shall we. But if he is not answering his phone why not blame the Liberals?

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Who's bag?

With my partner and youngest daughter away camping for the weekend I was rather pleased to have spent a good two hours on the allotment weeding between the rows of produce as well as picking those that were ready for harvest, such as potatoes, runner-beans and broad beans.

After making dinner for myself and my step-daughter I sat down to catch-up with internet and email reading when I came across this interesting article on 31 days without plastic. ‘Not My Bag’.

I was intrigued to read about this one woman mission because part of my chores for the day involved putting out the items of plastic we have for recycling and although we rarely use supermarket carrier bags anymore I was astonished to realise just how much plastic we do use.

We are such a wasteful nation and I think it about time Government and Companies did more to reduce our dependency upon plastics. I will be following the plastic free quest with interest over the next month.

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