Monday, March 16, 2009

Evening got worse.

Sunday night didn’t get any better, in fact it got worse and I ended up in bed for seven o’clock and then spent a while on the bathroom floor expecting to be sick, which thankfully I wasn’t [the thought of having a show of blood scares me shitless to be honest].
I believe I can attribute these bouts of sickness to bending down as that appears to be the one thing in common each time I have felt this way and I may be putting pressure on either the tumour or organs around the stomach.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekends seem to be the same - Sunday 15 March

They appear to be the same in as much that I am on a regular basis feeling crap at least once over the weekend that takes it out of me; last night was no exception.
I went to bed early after needing a bath due to back pains, unsure if they are due to the Cancer or the allotment digging on Friday. I felt sick, but thankfully once again I was able to stave them off with tablets. I did spend some time on the toilet though that left me dehydrated and drained again this morning.
I am hoping to rally around again when Alice and her friend Jen from University come to take me to the garden centre later.

Contributing to
Comic Relief Red Nose Day made me feel a whole lot better so if you haven’t already then please do give, as generously as you can.
Also, even if you are not one of my regular readers, or not a blogger, but you are a friend old or new please feel free to leave a comment, it is nice to hear from folk when I am on the internet, which is most days now.

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